Can I book a booth?
We have three luxury booths in the bar that are available for hire. At the moment we are limited to six people per booth but we can still guarantee an amazing time. Please contact us directly to discuss your Blossom Room experience.
How long do you get the booth for?
Our booth packages are tailored to you and as a premium location in the bar we are happy to discuss your package and experience with you, including your time allocation.
Can I decorate the VIP booth?
Yes as long as nothing gets stuck to the walls and mirrors
How many people does a VIP booth hold?
Due to government guidelines it is currently 6 persons per booth.
How do I book a standard table?
Please use the book now button above. Due to limited capacity please respect it is only 2 hour time slots currently. Subject to availability.
What time do you serve food from and to?
For the latest kitchen hours, please click here:
What are your opening hours?
For the latest opening hours, please click here:
What is the dress code?
No work wear, No branded sports trainers (designer trainers allowed), No hoodies, No caps, No sportswear.
Can I bring children?
Children and families are very welcome. As we are a bar, we require under 18s to have left the premises by 7pm at the latest.
When is happy hour?
2-4-1 cocktails runs Sunday to Thursday until 8pm and Friday until 6pm.
What are the new government guidelines?
The new guidelines state all parties must stay seated to their own allocated table and must not mingle with other parties on other tables. It is 6 persons maximum to a table. Entrance and Exit doors must be used correctly. If you feel ill stay at home! All social distancing must be followed inside and outside the venue.
Will I need to bring ID?
Yes all IDs are checked on the door. From 1st November we will operate a strictly over 21s business on Friday and Saturday from 7pm.
Are there hand sanitization stations?
Yes we have six stations located around the venue.
Do I have to wear a mask?
PPE for guests is optional, if you feel you are at risk and would feel more comfortable, please do wear a mask. It may be asked to be removed at the door for identification purposes.
Do you have avaibility in a months time?
Please check open table through the book now button above.
Inappropriate behaviour?
Inappropriate behaviour (shouting, rude to staff, not following guidelines, approaching the bar on several occasions) will not be tolerated and therefore you will be removed from the venue if this occurs.
Do you offer private hire?
We can offer private hire but would need to discuss this with you. Please contact our team who will be glad to help